As well as roller discos and classes, Sugar and Spin are also available for rollerskating performances. We have performed for live events such at Govanhill Carnival, Edinburgh Fringe and La Belle Angele. We provide bespoke rollerdance choreography for music videos and film, performing for bands across Scotland.

We also aren’t limited to flat ground! We can also perform trick rollerskating at skateparks or street skating locations.


Get in touch at our email: if you would like us to perform for your event or film.


See some of our rollerskating performances below!


Sugar & Spin Skate Crew – Skatepark Edit from Chrissie Ardill on Vimeo.

Video filmed by Stuart Alexander


Rollerskate Performance – Chrissie Ardill from Chrissie Ardill on Vimeo.


Burning It Up by The Passing Sages.

Written & performed by The Passing Sages.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dominic Hardy at Gracenote Studios.

Fife Video created & directed by Cal Nicol (Lucid Shade)

Links to The Passing Sages social platforms:



Brew Promotional Video from Libby Odai on Vimeo.

Filming by Cookie Dalloway. Editing by Libby Odai.



Buzz Cut MULLET OVER Libby Odai from Libby Odai on Vimeo.



Behind the Scenes!

Here’s some pictures of behind the scenes of our performances.

Sugar and Spin at Govanhill Carnival 2019. Photography by Karen Gordon.

Behind the scenes of Shrek 666 – Rock DJ . Photo by Tiu Makkonen