As well as roller discos and classes, Sugar and Spin are also available for rollerskating performances. We have performed for live events such at Govanhill Carnival, Edinburgh Fringe and La Belle Angele. We provide bespoke rollerdance choreography for music videos and film, performing for bands across Scotland.

We also aren’t limited to flat ground! We can also perform trick rollerskating at skateparks or street skating locations.

Get in touch at our email: if you would like us to perform for your event or film.

See some of our rollerskating performances below!


Traffic Light Cabaret – Dance International Glasgow 2021

A Tramway Beyond Walls film featuring performances from Dyron Sandoval, Jenn Taggart, Sugar and Spin (Libby Odai & Chrissy Ardill)

Libby Odai and Chrissie Ardill of Sugar and Spin, are a skating collective who traversed across the neighbourhoods of Govanhill and Pollokshields, stopping to perform at various iconic neighbourhood spots.

Concept and direction – David Banks

Filmmaker – Johnstone MacPherson Stewart

Part of the Tramway Beyond Walls programme, Traffic Light Cabaret brought performance to the streets of Pollokshields and Govanhill in June 2021, with a celebration of street culture that gave passers-by a moment of relief through performance. This film brings together footage of the dancers’ performing in locations across the south side.

Loading Bay Park Edit

Sugar & Spin Skate Crew – Skatepark Edit from Chrissie Ardill on Vimeo.

Video filmed by Stuart Alexander


Pop Mutations

They’re still waiting… Clubs have been closed, bars were banned and dance floors have been left dedanced. But they’re still there. Waiting for the party.

Sugar and Spin’s Online Performance for Pop Mutations. Filmed at Stereo. 19th June 2021.


Rollerskate Performance – Chrissie Ardill from Chrissie Ardill on Vimeo.



Imagined Bodies – Think Circus

Dance, juggling, acrobatics, theatre and film come together to make Imagined Bodies – a series of contemporary circus performances. Responding to months of social isolation during the lockdowns, and increased focus on body image, the work is based around the insidious, everyday negative thoughts people experience in relation to their physical bodies.

Imagined Bodies explores the opposing forces of body appearance verses body capability. It exposes tensions between expectation and self-esteem, self discipline and compassion.

Lead Artist & Think Circus Director: Kat Borrowdale
Artists: Antonia Maerker, Chrissie Ardill, Emily McDonagh, Ian Fraser, Iain Macdonald, Jennifer Street
Director of Photography and Editor: Paul Maguire
Theatrical Director: Roanna Davidson
Project Manager: Catriona Smith
Project Administrator: Edyta Kania
Additional Camera: Michael McEvoy, John Shedwick, Ben Kermode
Marketing Consultants: MultipliedBy


Burning It Up by The Passing Sages.

Written & performed by The Passing Sages.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dominic Hardy at Gracenote Studios.

Fife Video created & directed by Cal Nicol (Lucid Shade)

Links to The Passing Sages social platforms:



Is Anybody There? is a project exploring the creative potential of audience interaction through digital means. Using rollerdance to tell the story of connection, the audience will be invited to interact with the performers throughout the short performance.

Director Libby Odai and Designer Zephyr Liddell: development process as part of the Make Do and Mend residency by Stellar Quines.



Brew Promotional Video from Libby Odai on Vimeo.

Filming by Cookie Dalloway. Editing by Libby Odai.



Buzz Cut MULLET OVER Libby Odai from Libby Odai on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes!

Here’s some pictures of behind the scenes of our performances.

One Dance UK 2021

One Dance UK came to Glasgow!

Photographs by Dani Bower

Shoot supported by Project X 

Sugar and Spin at Govanhill Carnival 2019. Photography by Karen Gordon.

Behind the scenes of Shrek 666 – Rock DJ . Photo by Tiu Makkonen