Recently Sugar and Spin rolled to Govanhill Carnival. There was a parade. There were performances and stalls. What more could a person want? Well… maybe a little more sunshine, but we still had a great time, met loads of people and didn’t even get our bearings rusty.

First of all was the parade where we slipped in right in front of Brass, Aye?, whose sweet tunes kept us dancing as the parade cruised through Govanhill to Queen’s Park. Then we met tonnes of people at our Sugar & Spin stall and spread the skate love around the South Side.


This was our first event with Sugar & Spin but it wasn’t our first parade. If you’re thinking of skating in a parade, here are some tips to having a sweet time on wheels.

Spin’s tips for skating in a parade:

  1. Bring a Bumbag
    Nobody wants to to have their hands full when they could be dancing, so get a fannypack and go hands free.
  2. Get Squishy Wheels
    If you didn’t have outdoor wheels before, now’s the time to invest (or borrow!). Nobody enjoys that tooth rattling sensation of feeling every single pebble underfoot. Your joints will thank you.
  3. Check the Weather
    Who am I kidding? We live in Scotland, so unless we’re having a heatwave, bring a brolly. Carrying a brolly or poncho you don’t use feels soooo much better than not having one when you need it. Be smug, not soggy.
  4. Bring Snacks and Water (or cash for snacks and water)
    If it’s a long parade route, like some Pride parades, you’re gonna feel peckish and shrivelled by the end. Wouldn’t you rather be happy and hydrated?
  5. If You Can, Stash Your Stuff In Someone’s Car
    You could bring a backpack… or you could dodge the sweaty back, tired shoulders and slightly weird balance and ditch the lot in someone’s car. Stick it out of sight/in the boot though so it’s still there when you get back.
  6. Wear What Makes You Feel Safe
    Jenny McSkateypants isn’t wearing kneepads? Forget Jenny! Wear whatever pads/safety equipment makes you feel comfortable. I recommend at least kneepads and wristguards (unless you skate outdoors regularly without). Bleeding knees are not a good parade look.
  7. Approach the Downhills Bum-First
    Roll down steep hills backwards so you can use your toestops easily and avoid rolling into the back of the people in front of you.
  8. Relax and Have Fun
    Chat to your friends, blow whistles, wave flags and banners, DANCE! Just have a nice time, however you want to.
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